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AkinatorAkinator is an online game designed for Smartphone users that gases any celebrity that you are thinking of based on the answers you give that are asked to you by the character in the game. The game is very popular among Android users and it is available to play on almost all major platforms such as Windows IOS and Android. You can also play Akinator online on any device of your choice even if the app is not available for that particular device. The app has a tree-based AI system that determines any celebrity you are thinking of in real time by asking you questions related to them and this guy gets better with every game any player plays with it and even though sometimes the game loses and fails to correctly guess the celebrity, by machine learning it makes sure that it does not repeat the same mistake again. Continue reading

Download Akinator v6.3

AkinatorAkinator is an online game based on simple AI that asks you a series of questions and then tells you what celebrity you are thinking about. Akinator is one of the most popular apps and its category and it is very interesting to see how the game uses its database to determine who we are thinking about just by asking questions and narrowing down the person based on those questions. To play you have to open the game and press the play button after thinking of a popular celebrity and it can be anyone such as an athlete, a politician, an actor, internet or TV personality etc. Now Akinator, which is a cartoon Genie in the app, begins to ask you a series of 20 questions that you have to answer with” yes”, “no”, “probably yes” and “probably not” and the last option is “don’t know”. Continue reading

Download Akinator v6.3.1

AkinatorAkinator is a very interesting online game where the character in the app guess the celebrity you are thinking about based on the answers you give to it. It is a single player app with more than 80 million download on App Store and is one of the most popular apps in its category. Akinator uses a tree based AI that can predict your mind on the basis of your answers.Akinator is available on all major platforms and operating systems like Windows Android iOS and you can also play this game online on any web browser of your choice without having to install it on your device. You can customise the character in the app based on the upgrade you receive by using the app more and more.

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Download Akinator v6.7.2

AkinatorAkinator is an app which read your mind. This app is able to find out what are you thinking. This app is like a miracle and plays with your mind. This apps works with asking you for some questions. You have to answer just these simple question and this app will guess your thoughts. You can try a real or fictional character, thing, place and much more. This app gives you a challenge. Here you can challenge your friends with this app. This apps leaderboard tell you who is the best. Little children can easily use this app. For that, you have to apply children filter so that app will ask questions according to their level. You can play with this app without any obstacles. Here you can play limitless. Continue reading

Download Akinator v6.6.3

AkinatorAkinator v6.6.3 is an mind blowing app which comes with interesting features. this game is very interesting and user friendly. Anyone can easily control this app as it has so easy controls.this app is really must have this app if you like to have fun with virtual Jennie. basically this game works in single player order to start playing this app you have to start this app and choose from a popular character like musicians, doctor, actor, internet star, or other famous akinator will try to guess your selected person. Than akinator that is a virtual gennie will ask you several questions and you will have to answer them with no, yes, probably yes or no or don’t  know. Continue reading

Download Akinator v6.6.2

AkinatorAkinator v6.6.2 is a game in light of the character of a genie known as Akinator who solicits you a set from questions to decide the character that you thought in your brain. Its a dubious and intriguing game and it catches the eye of the player by speculating the character that the player has thought in his brain at the beginning of the amusement. The genie, otherwise known as the Akinator takes three estimates to answer your question and gets it right, yet in the event that the genie can’t predict the character in three conjectures then you can enter the correct answer that is the character that you considered with a specific end goal to expand its database. This amusement astonished everybody and each player was amazed to see the precision of the Akinator.

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Download Akinator v6.6.1

AkinatorYou probably found out about genie’s in different stories like in Aladdin, where the genie had supernatural forces and he utilizes those forces to give wishes to the individual who rubs the enchanted lamp and wakes up the genie. So, Akinator is also a genie who has supernatural powers yet they are unique, this genie does not allow wishes but rather he peruses your brain and reveals to you what individual or character that you are pondering. Presently you may imagine that how is this even conceivable, yet it is valid and it astounds everybody by anticipating the character that you pondered. Fundamentally, this is a diversion that depends on twenty inquiries which a player need to answer one by one keeping in mind the end goal to check the exactness of the Akinator v6.6.1.

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Download Akinator v6.6.0

AkinatorAkinator is a game that was produced by a french organization that was at first discharged in 2007 and due to its antique gaming style it turned out to be enormously well known and a large number of individuals downloaded this amusement to test its exactness and test the Akinator. Akinator v6.6.0 amusement depends on a progression of question which you need to answer one by one keeping in mind the end goal to continue to the following one. You can pick any character as indicated by your craving. The character can be an on-screen character, vocalist, artist, acclaimed government official and some other eminent character or individual, the contract can be genuine and an anecdotal character, you can likewise include an extra character in your amusement and the character will be naturally saved money on the diversion and will be incorporated into the arrangement of character in your diversion. Akinator v6.6.0 can read what character you are thinking about by perusing your brain. It stuns everybody each time by speculating the character in your brain.

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Download Akinator v6.5.9

AkinatorEvery individual gets board if they do same stuff over and over again even if its your favorite stuff that is gaming. So here we have got something different for you. A game that will give you a totally different gaming experience and that is Akinator. Akinator logo is a genie whose name is Akinator and he flies up on your screen to solicit you an arrangement from question one after the another to figure the character at the forefront of your thoughts. It runs a progression of figuring to figure the character. Akinator v6.5.9 can figure any character that you are pondering like competitor, VIP, artist, government official, companion, anime character, amusement character or even your crush.You can even add characters to your diversion and make it all the more fascinating.

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Download Akinator v6.5.8

AkinatorAkinator v6.5.8 is a popular game that is based on a series of twenty questions that the player has to answer to get to the final stage in which the genie has to predict the character that the game player has thought of in the starting of the game and to guess the character and for this the Akinator is provided with three chances.You can choose any character that you want like it can be a cricket player, football player, singer, artist, actor, model, athlete, fictional film or TV character, some famous politician and any other famous personality. On the off chance that the character is speculated wrong three times consecutively, at that point the program will provoke the client to enter the character’s name, with a specific end goal to grow its database of decisions.

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