Download Akinator v7.8.6

AkinatorAkinator is an online android game based on quiz and it has many more features which other similar games don’t. The concept of Akinator is based on a Genie which asks the player to think of any fictional or real-life character in their mind and Genie will ask some simple questions to the player and will tell the exact name of that character in less than a minute. Akinator shocks everyone when they play it for the first time because it guesses correct answer every single time. The UI of Akinator is very attractive and good as it is very easy to operate and all the features are very handy to use. Akinator has 3 more games which are available on Playstore and are easily downloadable. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.8.5

AkinatorAkinator is a popular online game for Android and iOS devices while it can also be played online on any computer device. It is a very simple and easy to play a game that includes only a quiz with few questions that need to be answered while trying to describe a character that can either be real or from any movie or imaginary. Akinator has a Ginnie figure that carries out the quiz asking questions to get a final result and guess who is on the player’s mind. The quiz has the motive to read the mind of the player and make a guess of whom the player is thinking about. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.8.3

AkinatorAkinator is an online android game which is available on Play store and it is available for free so anyone can download it anytime from there easily. In this game, a genie asks the player to think of any fictional or real life character and it asks few questions and after that, it tells the exact name of that character which player thought of. Akinator game surprises players by telling correct answers every time. This game is very light and it doesn’t even require high-end processors so anyone can use it in there any phone by just installing it from Playstore in minutes. It changes its background everytime player upgrades to a new level and player can change the game character by their choice with any in-app purchases so this is clear that Akinator is a power pack source of entertainment which comes free. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.8.2

AkinatorAkinator is an online game which is available on Play Store and it is totally free and it doesn’t even have any in app purchases so anyone can use it without any tension of spending money for their entertainment. This app is based on a quiz and a genie is present there and it will ask the player to think of any online or fictional character and it will tell you exact name of that character you will think of. Akinator is a full on power pack with 100% entertainment satisfaction. This game has a feature which saves the battery of your device and this game is very interesting. Akinator is a family game and anyone can play this without any tension because it has no adult content so anyone can recommend it to their younger ones. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.8.1

AkinatorAkinator is a popular and free online game. This game is a very simple quiz for players that revolves around a character that player has to describe while answering. It has a Ginnie that carries the game asking questions to the players and trying to figure out who the character is described by the player. The interesting thing about the guessing done by Ginnie is that character described doesn’t necessarily have to be real but can be imaginative or from movies. Akinator is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the respective app stores. The game is made for players to be easy and safe with no harmful content. It contains very user and family friendly interface and content. It only consists of one Ginnie and small quiz for players that ends with Akinator reading the players mind. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.8.0

AkinatorAkinator is a simple online game available for Android and iOS for free. The game has a quiz that is carried on by a Ginnie character to read the mind of the player. The content of the game is children friendly and contains no harmful or misleading part like violence and horror that parents never accept for children to take interest in. The game supports many different languages so people with different language preferences can enjoy it to the fullest. Akinator only has a Ginnie character that carries out the whole game asking questions to the players and finishes it with the guess. Akinator can be played by anyone without creating an account or linking a social media account with it. It comes with new backgrounds so players never feel bored with the game. Other customization options in the game allow players to change the game and Ginnie that takes the quiz. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.7.9

AkinatorAkinator is an online quiz game made for people who like to adventure. This game has a genie in it and it will ask the player to think of any online or financial character and that genie will tell you the exact name of that character by just asking some simple questions. This game is really amazing and it shocks everyone for the first time because it works so brilliantly and tells correct name every time. Akinator is available on both Android and iOS platforms and it is a free app and anyone can download this app for free. If you want to play this game on your PC/laptop so you can play it by just installing its software into your PC/laptop and if you don’t want to install any software into your PC/laptop so that is not even a problem because you can simply visit its official website and you can play Akinator game there online without even installing anything. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.7.6

AkinatorAkinator is an online game for everyone to be played for free. It is a quiz with multiple questions that the player has to answer thinking about a character and at the end of the quiz, the Akinator guesses the character. The game is very family friendly and can be played without worrying about its content. Akinator has a child filter feature which can be enabled for players that are underage. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and is available on play store and Itunes store for free. Akinator is also available in its lite version for devices with low specifications. The game has new backgrounds that can be changed as the game lacks too much complex graphics. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.7.5

AkinatorAkinator is a game available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from apple store or play store. The game is free and has a few in-game purchases that can be made for unlocking new features of the Akinator. The game doesn’t have any complicated storyline or graphics and action or violence but is only a simple quiz game with a Ginnie character carrying out the quiz asking questions to the end of quiz where Akinator guesses the person or character the player was thinking of while answering the questions. The character can be from any movie or tv show or any person the player knows personally Akinator can guess anyone that the player is thinking about. With the simple game content and no violence, it is a very family friendly so players can play it with their family and friends without worrying about any inappropriate content. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.7.2

AkinatorAkinator is an online interesting game and this game is based on the quiz. You have to think of any real-life character or fictional character and Akinator will ask some simple questions from the player and it will tell the exact name of the character in minutes and akinator is accurate when it comes to guessing character’s name. This game has a Genie in it and it tells you the names of characters.  You can change the background of the game as you prefer and you can even change the genie to any other character. Akinator has a lot of levels and very attractive and interesting characters and backgrounds. Continue reading