Download Akinator v7.6.8

AkinatorAkinator is an online quiz game that guesses the person or character you are thinking about while you take the questions of the game. The game is simple and doesn’t have much of action or puzzle so can be played by anyone who doesn’t like complicated games that consume a lot of time and power. Akinator consists of a Ginnie character that asks you simple questions with multiple options to answer from at the end of which the Ginnie guesses the character that you were thinking of doesn’t matter real or imaginary or a cartoon character. Akinator is popular for its rate of success as it is able to correctly guess the character that people try to describe while playing this game. The game is user-friendly and doesn’t have any content that can make the user uncomfortable while playing it and doesn’t ask any personal question or takes any personal data. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.6.7

AkinatorAkinator the Genie is a real-life genie who can tell you exactly what character you were thinking of in a minute. you can think of any fictional character or any real-life character and Akinator will ask you some simple questions and will tell you the exact name of that character in just a minute. this game helps in increasing general knowledge because it is a quiz game and it will improve your GK. this game is very addictive and it has a very attractive UI and good characters which attracts everyone. you will be upgraded as you play more and it has a lot of characters that will change when your levels will increase. this game is not that much large so do not hesitate while installing it into your mobile or PC/laptop. this game runs on Android, iOS and Windows platform and it is very easy to install this game. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.6.4

AkinatorAkinator is a quiz game that can be played online on Android and iOS or on the desktop. The game is easy and has not much graphics and no action or violence so can be played by a person of any age or gender without getting uncomfortable. The game consists of the main character Ginnie asking a series of questions to guess what character or person you are thinking about while taking the quiz. Akinator is very user and family friendly with no negative content and just exploring your own knowledge about people around you. Akinator asks quiz that includes different type of questions that can relate to how you know a person or character doesn’t matter real or imaginary. The game is available for free and has no limits to how much a person can play on it. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.6.3

AkinatorAkinator is an interesting online quiz game. in this game, you have to think of any fictional or real life character and Akinator will tell you its exact name by asking some questions to you. this game can be played on Android devices and on iOS devices too and if you want to play this game on your PC/laptop so you can do that also by just visiting its official website and you can play Akinatorgame without even installing it. Akinator game has a lot of backgrounds and as much you play, your levels increase and the background changes too so it is very interesting while playing. you can customize Akinator’s character by your choice like its face, eyes, hairs etc in settings. this game is highly addictive and very interesting too. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.6.1

AkinatorAkinator is an online free game available on play store. The game consists of a quiz that is hosted by a Ginnie which asks a number of questions to tell what a person is thinking as the quiz goes on. The game is available for both iOS, android and windows devices. Akinator is a very simple game with no violence and major editing or effects and so can be played by anyone doesn’t matter a child or an adult. The game has no major requirements like other games who can’t run on low-end computers. The quiz is very simple in Akinatorand the series of questions asked are usually very easy and at the end of this quiz, the Ginnie guess the person you were thinking about while giving the answers of the quiz. The success rate of Akinatoris very high and is known for this exact same reason. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.6.0

AkinatorAkinator is an online game in which you have to think of any character no matter it is fictional or real life and a genie which is present in Akinator game will tell you the exact name of that character in less than a minute. This game surprises all when they play it for the first time and not for the first time ever I think every time I play this game that how it tells exact name of that character and how it is correct every single time. Akinator is a family based game and it does not have any content which a child can’t see so feel free to suggest your elders play this game because it is a quiz game and it increases general knowledge of the player. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.5.9

AkinatorAkinator is an online quiz game in which a genie tells you exactly what real life or fictional character you were thinking of by asking some questions from the player. this game is always accurate because I have tried it many times but this game always wins. you can play this game on your mobile by downloading its official app from play store or you can just visit Akinator’s official website and you can play this game on that website without even installing an app. Akinator app is available on Android, iOS, and windows so you can play this game on your PC/laptop too by installing this game in your PC/laptop. this game has many interesting twists and you will be fully entertained by this app for sure. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.5.8

AkinatorAkinator is an app in the category of entertainment and games. The application is a game with a quiz you take letting the Akinator make the guesses of what you are describing. The game is fun and free to play and doesn’t need any heavy device specifications to run. Akinator includes an Akinator that can guess whom you are thinking of even if its fictional or real. You can play Akinator and customize the Akinator with different clothes making it look funny and more enjoyable while you take the quiz waiting for the animator to make guess. The game is family friendly and a person of any age can enjoy it without feeling uncomfortable with anything in it. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.5.6

AkinatorAkinator is an interesting online game which can tell the player in minutes that of which characters is he/she thinking by just asking you some questions. it reads your mind. you can install this app from play store easily and it’s even safe and secured by play protect so no worries about your data leaks or anything and it’s available on apple store too. this app is small in size and this game is very easy to play and very obedient that even a kid can play this game easily. it’s UI is very attractive and it’s designed to make players comfortable and it really does that. you can play this game online too without even installing it’s app by visiting it’s official site on any web browser. Continue reading

Download Akinator v7.5.3

AkinatorAkinator the genie,  a online game in which a genie tells you exact what character were you thinking of in just some seconds by asking some simple questions. you can think of any real-life character or fictional character in your mind and akinator will tell the exact name of that character in just a minute. yes i know it is shocking but this game is really awesome and it’s user interface is what i like the most. I’m really very impressed with the UI of this app. this game has its it’s official app too which is available on play store and apple store and you can download it easily and the best part of this app is that it is totally free to download this game and you can play this game anytime, anywhere without spending a single penny on it. Continue reading