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AkinatorThere are numerous number of online games available to play but Akinator is most entertaining game among them. Akinator is an online game and mobile app in which a genie determine the famous character in your mind by asking few questions. It can guess real as well as fictional characters and most of the time his answer is with precise character. Akinator allows you to have a rank by challenging your friends. Genie of Akinator can guess who are your friends and relatives through MyWorld experience. There are many options of languages in Akinator like English(main), Protuguese, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Polish and many more.

Akinator requires an internet connection so make sure to turn on your WiFi or data. It runs on Android as well as on iOS. You can change genie into vampire, disco man or a cow boy by using Geniz. You can earn Geniz by finding enigmatic characters. Ultimate potion can remove all ads and unlocks many new characters for customize genie. Parents can allow their childern to play this game safely by turning on child filter. Akinator an artificial intelligence gaming program is the must play game in your leisure time.

Features of Akinator v3.3

Following are the features of the Akinator v3.3
⦁ It runs on android and iOS by connecting it to the WiFi or the data.
⦁ So many languages available.
⦁ Can change background and characters according to the choice
⦁ Avaibility of child mode.
⦁ Bestest challenging game.

How to Download Akinator v3.3?

Steps of downloading Akinator v3.3 are follows
Download Akinator v3.3 APK.
⦁ Navigate to the file manager and search downloaded Akinator v3.3 apk.
⦁ Open the file and click on install button.
⦁ Click on Akinator icon to open it
⦁ Now you can play an amazing game to entertain yourself

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