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AkinatorAkinator is a free mobile app game which is designed to amaze you with its guesses. It can play online also where a genie conclude the name of character which a player was imagining in his/her mind by  asking some questions. These questions are simple to answer. All you have to do is answer the questions being ask by genie with ‘Yes, No, Don’t know, Probably or Probably not.’ At the end almost every time genie come with right answer. Akinator can guess fictional characters that is player can imagine characters which are not real in world. It support many languages which you can select according to your convenience

Akinator is safe for children as parents can change the settings of it by turn on child mode. It runs on all platform. You can modify genie into different amazing characters. Geniz are reward by using it you can change your background. Akinator allow you to challenge your friends and have a rank on the leader board. You can suggest new name of a person by giving a little description and you can also add picture of that person. Akinator love to being challenge it allow you to make him guess your relatives and friends by using MyWorld feature. An entertaining game which amaze you with its accurate answer make you play it more.

Feature of Akinator v3.45

Following are the feature of Akinator v3.45

  • Entertaining game which amaze you with its guesses.
  • Can play it on any platform.
  • Safe for children as child mode is available.
  • Gives right answer almost every time.
  • You can make Akinator guess your family member or friends through MyWorld feature.
  • You can suggest a new name with little description or picture of a person with the reason.

How to download Akinator v3.45

Following are the steps to download Akinator v3.45

  1. Open your any browser.
  2. Download Akinator v3.45 apk.
  3. Open file manager and locate the downloaded Akinator v3.45 apk.
  4. Click on ”install”.
  5. If there is any problem in installing Akinator app on your mobile, after opening setting in your android device negotiate to  security and turn on ”install install app from unknown source”.
  6. After successful completion you can play Akinator and enjoy yourself.



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