Download Akinator v4.06

AkinatorHave you ever imagine a game where all the famous characters in your mind being guess by a single AI based character. Akinator is different from all the available games and is of course free to play though you have to pay for the better experience. It entertains you with its prediction by asking you a series of questions. Akinator may ask some of questions which are for adults only but this can be change by just click on child mode.

Give a try to Akinator and its our promise that you won’t get disappoint. It happen sometimes that you may think of your relatives and loved ones in your imagination and guess what? you can make Akinator to predict their name too.

Akinator only require an internet connection so that it can predict characters name by interpreting information available with your answers. Akinator display a genie at first until you buy a new character. This genie tend to change its facial expression frequently with your answers. New characters are easy to buy what you have to do is collect Geniz. Geniz are the medium to purchase in this game and you can collect them by finding 5 or 6 character which are difficult to identify. When you feel bore you can simply challenge your friend for some excitement and amazement.

Feature of Akinator v4.06

Following are the feature of Akinator v4.06

  • Almost most of the answers are correct.
  • Akinator love challenges it gives you reward for challenging it.
  • Safe to play for children.
  • No difficult  questions to answer. Can answer with Yes, No, Don’t know, Probably and probably not.
  • Can challenge your friend.

How to download Akinator v4.06?

Following are the steps to download Akinator v4.06

  1. Go to the setting.
  2. Toggle on ” Unknown Source” which is under Device Administration.
  3. Download Akinator apk.
  4. Navigate to the file manager and click on ” Install”.
  5. After the completion of installation you can play Akinator by clicking on its icon.

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