Download Akinator v4.11.1

AkinatorAkinator is a game which require only an internet connection to estimate the famous character you have imagined in your mind. Your imagined character can one of the famous real character or non real character. When you feel bore with your buddy when you don’t have anything you can play Akinator and impress your buddies. Akinator also allow you to challenge them. You can make Akinator forgot previous character and earn geniz. There are a lot of other characters which you can buy by using earned Geniz.

In Akinator you can purchase ultimate potion which help you to get rid of ads and unlock MyWorld feature for etter experience. There are several languages so that you change language according to your convenience.

Akinator likes to take up challenges and guess more and more. You can customize your character by using Geniz that you can win by making Akinator guess five different mysterious characters. Akinator give you daily challenges by completing those challenges you can collect Geniz even more. Akinator predict your imagined character by showing his or her name along with their picture. You can also suggest new picture of a character. Akinator show rank of its users on ”HALL OF FAME”.

Features of Akinator v4.11.1

Following are the feature of Akinator v4.11.1

  • Can play game just by connecting it with internet
  • It is free to install.
  • Several interesting characters
  • Amaze everyone with its predictions
  • It is available in many different languages.
  • Can suggest pictures of a character

How to download Akinator v4.11.1

Followings are the steps to download Akinator v4.11.1

  1. Download Akinator apk
  2. If you are unable to download the go to the setting and turn on installation from ” Unknown Source”.
  3. Search downloaded Akinator in file manager and click 0n install button
  4. Click on Akinator icon after its complete installation



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