Download Akinator v4.11.4

AkinatorDo you like to amaze your friends? If your answer is yes then you should give a chance to Akinator to impress your friends with it’s guesses. Akinator is a must play game for entertainment and amazement. It have so many features like you can record your screen without using any other application, you can have a conversation with your friends through live chatting, you can challenge your friends and many more. It is an easy game in which all you have to do is imagine a fictional or famous non fictional character in your mind and give answers to the Akination’s question. This game work with tree match algorithm.

Akinator give you Aki reward on making him guess a new character and you can also get in-game currency that is ‘Geniz’ through which you can change clothes of genie. You can change your genie clothes into disco one, cow- boy and many more. You can play Akinator on any platform, only thing you need to run Akinator is an internet connection. You can make Akinator even much more better by purchasing its ultimate potion. Ultimate potion can be use for experience MyWorld and remove unwanted and irritable Ads. Through MyWorld experience you can add your family members and friends to the game and make genie predict them.

Features of Akinator v4.11.4

Following are the features of Akinator v4.11.4

  • Impress your friends with its prediction.
  • Akinator can predict a fictional and a famous non frictional character.
  • You can play it on any platform.
  • Most of his guesses are accurate.
  • Available in more than 12 languages.

How to download Akinator v4.11.4?

Following are the steps to download Akinator v4.11.4

  1. Download Akinator apk.
  2. Navigate to setting and toggle on installation from ” Unknown Source”.
  3. Search downloaded file of Akinator and click on ” Install”.
  4. The game is ready to play on your home screen.


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