Download Akinator v6.0

AkinatorThere are multiple number of games and many of them are related to sports, puzzle, cooking, adventure etc. But Akinator is an interesting online gaming app which is different from all other games. When boredom set, you should give a try to Akinator. In this game a genie frequently ask you questions which may be or not related to your imaginary character. Akinator give you a choice between imagining a real or non real character. This game work by using tree algorithem where it interpret information available with the answers to decide what character you are thinking of, for doing this it require an internet connection. You can amaze your friends as well as challenge them in this game.

Akinator is much more than predicting character as it provide you a feature to record the screen of it which eliminate installation¬†of appliction. Whenever you guess a new character Akinator give you Aki reward. Geniz are the medium use in Akinator for purchasing interesting character and background. So when you feel bore by having genie character or background for long time you can simply customize them into other interesting character/background. The questionarie start when you tap on ‘challenge me’. This game is absolutely safe for childern as it has feature of child mode. Language is no more a issue in Akinator as it is available in severel languages. If you don’t want to continue with English language then you can simply scroll down to select your language

Feature of Akinator v6.0

Following are the features of Akinator v6.0

  • You can think of real character as well as non real famous character.
  • Provide you screen recording feature.
  • Child safety mode is available.
  • Available in so many languages other than English.
  • Can customize characters and background.

How to download Akinator v6.0?

Following are the steps to download Akinator v6.0 

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Download Akinator apk.
  3. Navigate to file manager and search downloded Akinator apk.
  4. Tap on ”Install”.
  5. Play Akinator and impress your friends woth its magic but make sure to turn on internet connection

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