Download Akinator v6.02

AkinatorPlaying online games in leisure time is one the most interesting thing to do. You may have played so many games but Akinator is different from all of them. You can challenge your friends and impress them with the answers. This is an online game in which a genie frequently ask you some questions related to your imagined character. This character of yours can be real or fictional but they have to be famous so that Akinator guess them easily. 2007 was the year when it was released. Elokence is developer and publisher of this game. You should give a try to Akinator it surely amaze you with its answres.

Akinator love challenges. You can challenge it by making it guess new characters. If you want a fomous character (which is not already in Akinator) to add in it then you can suggest his/her name along with picture. Screen recording feature allow you to record screen of your game. You can also live chat with your friends in Akinator. Akinator show globle ranking in it’s Hall Of Fame. You can easily reach to first rank by taking part in ranking launch where Aki rewards are counted to determine ranking. Akinator ask you question on daily basis and by guessing 5 mysterious charatercs you can earn geniz which is medium of purchase in Akinator. These geniz are use to buy characters and background

Features of Akinator v6.02

Following are the features of Akinator v6.02 

  • Must play game in leisure time.
  • Only require internet connection and is free to download.
  • Geniz are medium of purchase in it which are easy to earn.
  • Easy to reach at first ranking

How to download Akinator v6.02

Following are the steps to download Akinator v6.02 

  1. Download Akinator apk.
  2. Navigate to file manager and search download file.
  3. Tap on ”Install”.
  4. Now you can play Akinator by tapping on its icon


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