Download Akinator v6.3.1

AkinatorAkinator is a very interesting online game where the character in the app guess the celebrity you are thinking about based on the answers you give to it. It is a single player app with more than 80 million download on App Store and is one of the most popular apps in its category. Akinator uses a tree based AI that can predict your mind on the basis of your answers.Akinator is available on all major platforms and operating systems like Windows Android iOS and you can also play this game online on any web browser of your choice without having to install it on your device. You can customise the character in the app based on the upgrade you receive by using the app more and more.

The theme of the game can be personalized according to your choice as well. you can also purchase the VIP version of the game that comes with many added perks and the paid version of this game does not have any ads which means you won’t be bothered by irritating ads that pop up every 5 minutes. Akinator also has child safety lock which basically means you can turn on the lock if a child is using the device and you do not want them to open this App. Akinator asks you simple yes or no questions and you can also answer with “don’t know” if you do not know the answer to that question. There is no limit on how much you can play and the game even encourages you to play as much as you like and you can also unlock many new characters in the game by playing more.

Download Akinator v6.3.1 for Android

  1. open chrome on your android device and visit this webpage.
  2. Download Akinator on your device.
  3. Wait for it to install.
  4. Play Akinator for free!

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