Download Akinator v6.3

AkinatorAkinator is an online game based on simple AI that asks you a series of questions and then tells you what celebrity you are thinking about. Akinator is one of the most popular apps and its category and it is very interesting to see how the game uses its database to determine who we are thinking about just by asking questions and narrowing down the person based on those questions. To play you have to open the game and press the play button after thinking of a popular celebrity and it can be anyone such as an athlete, a politician, an actor, internet or TV personality etc. Now Akinator, which is a cartoon Genie in the app, begins to ask you a series of 20 questions that you have to answer with” yes”, “no”, “probably yes” and “probably not” and the last option is “don’t know”.

Your search results will be narrow down to find the exact celebrity you are looking for based on the answers you provide for those questions. If however, Akinator fails to tell you the exact name of the character that you have in your mind then it admits defeat ask you to enter the name of said celebrity so it can expand its database and the next time someone thinks of that celebrity, the game can guess correctly. The questions don’t necessarily have to be 20 or 25 if the game has narrow down the answers enough then it can also guess the character before asking all 20 questions. Akinator finds the name of the celebrity based on tree match algorithm which is very effective in these sort of tasks but keeps in mind that the game will not consider animals and objects in a movie to be real characters.

Download Akinator v6.3 for Android

  • Open this web page on your browser.
  • Download Akinator.
  • Open the download app and start playing!

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