Download Akinator v6.5.3

AkinatorIf you are bored and want to utilize your time for some productive purpose then you can download Akinator for a different gaming experience. It is based on the concept of artificial intelligence that tries to figure out what character you are thinking about. Akinator logo is a genie whose name is Akinator and he pops up on your screen to ask you a series of question one after the another to guess the character on your mind. It runs a series of calculation to guess the character. Akinator v6.5.3 can guess any character that you are thinking about like athlete, celebrity, singer, politician, friend, anime character, game character or even your crush.You can even add characters to your game and make it more interesting.

The game is available for absolutely free and it does not contain any in app purchase. All the features are unlocked and you don’t have to pay any addition cost to acquire one.It is advertisement free and it doesn’t have any errors and bugs. The app size is very small and the app has smart auto save setting feature and it will keep your game safe and stable. The game is easy all you have to do is just download Akinator v6.5.3 and challenge the genie. Akinator is available in multiple languages like Japanese, German, Korean, English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and many more.and you can also customize and add background, and can also change clothing of your genie. This is also a safety feature for children in which you can switch on the child filter and then you can let your child play without any worries. The app size is 14.32 MB and it won’t take a lot of space.

Download procedure for Akinator v6.5.3 on Android.

  • Connect your device with a stable net connection and good internet speed.
  • Download Akinator from your browser.
  • ¬†Once downloaded install it on your device.
  • Run the app and enjoy the game.

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