Download Akinator v6.5.5

AkinatorYou must have heard about genie’s in various stories like in Aladdin, where the genie had magical powers and he uses those powers to grant wishes to the person who rubs the magical lamp and awakes the genie. Similarly Akinator is a genie who has magical powers but they are different, this genie does not grant wishes but he reads your mind and tells you what person or character that you are thinking about. Now you might be thinking that how is this even possible, but it is true and it amazes everyone by predicting the character that you thought about. Basically, this is a game that is based on twenty questions which a player need to answer one by one in order to check the accuracy of the Akinator  v6.5.5.

This is a hugely popular, attractive and entertaining game. The game was launched in early 2007 and it was rated 5 out of 5 by L’Express which makes it the best in its category. The game reached to its peak popularity in Europe in the year 2007 and soon became popular all over the world due to its vivid features and distinctive gaming style. With the game currency now you can purchase new and different background for game play and you can also purchase various types of clothing for the genie through which the game look more personalized and enhanced. The game is played by millions of users worldwide. The app size of the game is also small and ca be easily downloaded on your device and the game does not have very heavy graphics so it will run smoothly even on your basic device or system . Another good aspect of Akinator v6.5.5 is that it supports multi language which you can change as per your requirement.

Download process of Akinator  v6.5.5

  • Tap on the data settings to enable the device data.
  • Open the browser and search to Download Akinator.
  • Download the game and install it after that.
  • Enjoy the game by challenging the Akinator.

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