Download Akinator v6.5.6

AkinatorAkinator v6.5.6 is a game based on the character of a genie known as Akinator who asks you a set of questions in order to determine the character that you  thought in your mind. Its a tricky and interesting game and it grabs the attention of the player by guessing the character that the player has thought in his mind at the starting of the game. The genie aka the Akinator takes three guesses to answer your question and guesses it right but if the genie is not able to figure it out in three guesses then you can enter the right answer that is the character that you thought about in order to increase its database. This game amazed everyone and every player was surprised to see the accuracy of the Akinator. The game also offers a premium version in which you can add additional characters that an be fictional or non fictional.

You can also add your friends and family member’s as new characters in the premium version of game and by using game points you can also customize your game. Akinator is owned by Elokence and Elokence is an information technology company that was formed in 2007. Akinator v6.5.6 is supported on various platforms such as Android, Windows phone, Microsoft Windows, Web Browser, Blackberry, iOS, Fire OS, Linux, Java and many more and the Genre of this online mobile game is based on twenty questions. It is the best game and it runs very smoothly on your device as this is a stable game and is completely free from errors and bugs, If you are bored then you can try this fun loving game Akinator.

Download Akinator v6.5.6 on your device.

  • Enable data and open the browser available on your device.
  • Search and then Download Akinator.
  • Now you can run the game on your device.

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