Download Akinator v6.5.7

AkinatorAll of you must be aware about genie’s. Though they don’t exist in real world but there are various tales and stories based on them. They used to grant wishes to the person who awakes them from their sleep and they used to complete the person wish and whatever they wish for. The Akinator that we are talking about today is different from ¬†other genies, as it does not grant wishes but is capable or reading a person’s mind. So basically in this game there is a character named Akinator aka the genie who asks you a series of question to determine what character you are thinking about.

So, first of all you have to think about a character which can be a famous player, famous actor, a well known politician, movie character, series character or even a cartoon character that is a fiction characters or any other famous person and then on the basis of this character you have to answer the series of twenty questions asked by the Akinator but remember you have to all the questions honestly in order to make the game fair, then the Akinator by analyzing the answers that you have provided predicts the character and he is given three chances to identify the character, and most of the time it amazes everyone by guessing the right character and if the Akinator is not able to guess the right answer then you can tell the right answer which will be helpful in increasing the database of the Akinator. The unique and antique gaming style makes Akinator v6.5.7 very popular and you can also opt for the premium version in which you can add characters of your own choice including your family, friends or any anime character. You can also earn game points and redeem them later to customize your background and the clothing of your genie.

Download process of the Akinator v6.5.7 for android devices

  • Enable the device data by going in the device settings.
  • Then enable application from unknown sources on the device.
  • Then click on Download Akinator.
  • Now install the app on your device.

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