Download Akinator v6.5.8

AkinatorAkinator v6.5.8 is a popular game that is based on a series of twenty questions that the player has to answer to get to the final stage in which the genie has to predict the character that the game player has thought of in the starting of the game and to guess the character and for this the Akinator is provided with three chances.You can choose any character that you want like it can be a cricket player, football player, singer, artist, actor, model, athlete, fictional film or TV character, some famous politician and any other famous personality. On the off chance that the character is speculated wrong three times consecutively, at that point the program will provoke the client to enter the character’s name, with a specific end goal to grow its database of decisions.

It predicts the appropriate response in view of the tree coordinate calculation. “Aki Honors” can be compensated for speculating another Character. A refresh enabled the client to buy new foundations and garments with in-amusement cash. In spite of the fact that, things, for example, creatures or articles won’t be considered a genuine character, notwithstanding when Akinator says it is, and players can choose on the off chance that they are characters or not founded on the tenets given to them. You can also opt for the premium version of game which has lots of other surplus features to offer like you can earn some game money which you can use to purchase different background to personalize your game and you can also change the clothing of your genie to add a personal touch in your game.

Download process of Akinator v6.5.8 directly to your device

  • For downloading this game, firstly you should let your device to have access to the internet.
  • After getting connected make sure that your device has adequate space.
  • Then click on Download Akinator.
  • After that install the app on your device.


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