Download Akinator v6.6.2

AkinatorAkinator v6.6.2 is a game in light of the character of a genie known as Akinator who solicits you a set from questions to decide the character that you thought in your brain. Its a dubious and intriguing game and it catches the eye of the player by speculating the character that the player has thought in his brain at the beginning of the amusement. The genie, otherwise known as the Akinator takes three estimates to answer your question and gets it right, yet in the event that the genie can’t predict the character in three conjectures then you can enter the correct answer that is the character that you considered with a specific end goal to expand its database. This amusement astonished everybody and each player was amazed to see the precision of the Akinator.

The game likewise offers a top notch form in which you can include extra characters that a be fictional(non genuine) or non fictional(real). You can likewise include your loved ones part’s as new characters in the superior variant of amusement and by utilizing diversion focuses you can likewise modify your diversion. Akinator is claimed by Elokence and Elokence is a data innovation organization that was framed in 2007. Akinator v6.6.2 is bolstered on different stages, for example, Android, Windows telephone, Microsoft Windows, Internet Browser, Blackberry, iOS, Fire OS, Linux, Java and numerous increasingly and the Class of this online versatile amusement depends on twenty inquiries. It is the best diversion and it runs easily on your gadget as this is a steady amusement and is totally free from mistakes and bugs, In the event that you are bored then you can attempt this carefree game Akinator v6.6.2

How to Download Akinator v6.6.2 on your device

  • Tap on settings to secure a net connection on the device.
  • Now run the link in the browser to Download Akinator.
  • Install the app.
  • Now Akinator is ready to go.


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