Download Akinator v6.7.2

AkinatorAkinator is an app which read your mind. This app is able to find out what are you thinking. This app is like a miracle and plays with your mind. This apps works with asking you for some questions. You have to answer just these simple question and this app will guess your thoughts. You can try a real or fictional character, thing, place and much more. This app gives you a challenge. Here you can challenge your friends with this app. This apps leaderboard tell you who is the best. Little children can easily use this app. For that, you have to apply children filter so that app will ask questions according to their level. You can play with this app without any obstacles. Here you can play limitless.

Here you can customize your character so that you can impress your friends. These apps let you think outside of the box. With this app, you can increase your imagination power. So now you can go in infinite dimensions of your imagination. Awake your sixth sense with help of this app. Here you can improve the creative power of your mind. Here is a Geniz which make this app more interesting. You can unlock and able to play here with more than 100 awesome backgrounds. This app makes you keep on guessing. You can try out Akinator with your world. Genie will discover your new way of playing and you can check the talent of this app. For sure the talent of this apps is endless. This is the latest version of Akinator. It is easily accessible in all Android and iOS devices. You can download your Akinator app for free.

Download Akinator v6.7.2 for Android.

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Download Akinator and install it.
  • Now enjoy playing Akinator.

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