Download Akinator v6.9.1

AkinatorAkinator is an online game that guesses any famous person that you are thinking of based on your answers that you provide to the app. Akinator is one of the most popular online games right now and it is very fun to play and you will love playing it in your free time and the best part about this game is that it is available on almost all devices and major platforms such as Android iOS Windows Mac OS and you can also play the game online which does not require you to install it first and it eliminates any need for you to look for the compatible devices because all you need to play Akinator is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Akinator is based on a tree-based artificial intelligence software which detects and identifies a number of celebrities in different fields such as actors singers political personalities and even popular characters but it does not identify any significant objects in the movies that you might have seen. Akinator is a cartoon Genie in the game and it is the main character which asks you all the questions. Akinator asks you 12 questions in the game and you can answer with definitely yes definitely no maybe yes maybe no and don’t know and Akinator works its magic and tells you the name of the celebrity that you have in your mind. It is an online game so you need to have a steady and strong internet connection for it to work properly and the new updates to the game now allow you to customize many things in the game such as the clothes that the cartoon Genie wears and the basic theme and colors of the game.

Download Akinator v6.9.1 for Android

  • Open chrome and make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Download Akinator on your Device.
  • Install the download app on your smartphone and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Run Akinator and start playing.

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