Download Akinator v7.1.8

AkinatorAkinator is one of the fastest growing online games that you can play on your smartphone for absolutely free of charge and complete with your friends to see who is the smartest in guessing the celebrity all the character based on the questions and hints given by the game. you can play Akinator on almost all major operating systems and download it for free but make sure you have an active internet connection with no interruptions because the game uses its online database to figure out the celebrity in your mind. Akinator is is a cartoon Genie inside the game which will guess any celebrity or political figure based on the answers that you give related to that celebrity.

Akinator uses a very sophisticated and advanced artificial intelligence software which gets better over time and everytime you play and worry not even if the game gets the name of the celebrity in your mind wrong because Akinator only makes a mistake once and never repeat it again so if anyone in the world is thinking of the celebrity and gives the same answers then Akinator well get it right. Akinator is a very fun game to play and you don’t even have to install it, you can also play it online using a browser on any of your smart devices. The recent updates to this game have allowed users to customize the cartoon Genie according to their liking and you can also show buy the paid version of Akinator and get many features that you do not get with the regular version of this game and you don’t have to make any sort of changes to the basic operating system of your device such as rooting or jailbreaking.

Download Akinator v7.1.8 for Android

  • Open Chrome on your phone.
  • Visit this webpage.
  • Download Akinator.
  • Wait for the app to install successfully.
  • Run Akinator.

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