Download Akinator v7.5.8

AkinatorAkinator is an app in the category of entertainment and games. The application is a game with a quiz you take letting the Akinator make the guesses of what you are describing. The game is fun and free to play and doesn’t need any heavy device specifications to run. Akinator includes an Akinator that can guess whom you are thinking of even if its fictional or real. You can play Akinator and customize the Akinator with different clothes making it look funny and more enjoyable while you take the quiz waiting for the animator to make guess. The game is family friendly and a person of any age can enjoy it without feeling uncomfortable with anything in it.

Akinator has colorful and funny theme for children to enjoy it. Some functions you might like are available on online mode when connected to data or WiFi connection. Akinator is available worldwide for free and can be downloaded from play store and is available in 15 different languages making it popular among kids all over the Internet. The game is simple and doesn’t need much time and space or any external console and accessories to play it. It’s not just limited to the application but you can also play it online with the Ginnie asking you questions and assuming the character on the basis of your answer. The game can be played on pc, android and iOS devices. Akinator contains child mode option which can be activated and deactivated according to the person play it. Akinator is a time killer and friendly game with the Ginnie that can read your mind just by the answers you give so why not go see how good can you do against the Akinator.

Download Akinator v7.5.8  for Android

  1. Download Akinator.
  2. Open file manager to locate the downloaded apk file.
  3. Install Akinator and wait for it to install successfully.
  4. Play Akinator.

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