Download Akinator v7.7.0

AkinatorAkinator is a simple online game that is available for Android, iOS and can also be played on any desktop without installing it directly on its web page. The game content is very simple and it contains a Ginnie character asking an easy quiz with questions about any character that you are thinking about, at the end of this quiz the Ginnie guesses the character you were describing throughout the quiz. Akinator is interesting and popular due to its accuracy and wild shots guessing any character doesn’t matter real or from a movie or cartoon. The game doesn’t contain any violence or action that some parents tend to keep away their kids from so it is completely family friendly.

The number and type of questions differ according to how much difficulty the user is putting for Akinator and for complex relations with a character Akinator may take the big quiz with a different type of questions. The game is simple still has many features to keep the players attached to it with new backgrounds and customizable character and the Akinator so the game never gets boring. Akinator is challenging and is enjoyable for players who try to trick the game with the hard characters that haven’t been used on the game for too long. Players can compete with friends on Akinator for who does the best against the mind-reading game. The game also has a lite version for people who like the game but don’t have a very good device to run it. Akinator also has child filter feature which can be enabled in case children have to play the game.

Download Akinator v7.7.0 for Android

  • Download Akinator.
  • Open file manager to locate the downloaded apk file.
  • Install Akinator and wait for it to install successfully.
  • Play Akinator.

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