Download Akinator v7.7.2

AkinatorAkinator is an online interesting game and this game is based on the quiz. You have to think of any real-life character or fictional character and Akinator will ask some simple questions from the player and it will tell the exact name of the character in minutes and akinator is accurate when it comes to guessing character’s name. This game has a Genie in it and it tells you the names of characters.¬† You can change the background of the game as you prefer and you can even change the genie to any other character. Akinator has a lot of levels and very attractive and interesting characters and backgrounds.

Now you all must be thinking that how much Akinator costs, Right? So let me tell you something that this version of Akinator is free of cost and anyone can play it anytime without any restrictions but Akinator has another game too which is paid. Akinator has 4 games named Akinator, Akinator Safari, Akinator Lite and Akinator VIP which is a paid app and it has in-app purchases too. Akinator Lite is made for users who don’t have devices with high-end processors so they can play Akinator too by installing Akinator lite which is very small in size and it is very lite on the processor. Suggest this game to your younger brothers and sisters or any other kid freely because Akinator is a family friendly game and it has all the content which a kid can see and kids will only learn good things from Akinator. This game increases IQ level of player so go for it right now!

Download Akinator v7.7.2 for Android

  • Download Akinator.
  • Open file manager to locate the downloaded apk file.
  • Install Akinator¬†and wait for it to install successfully.
  • Play Akinator.

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