Download Akinator v7.8.0

AkinatorAkinator is a simple online game available for Android and iOS for free. The game has a quiz that is carried on by a Ginnie character to read the mind of the player. The content of the game is children friendly and contains no harmful or misleading part like violence and horror that parents never accept for children to take interest in. The game supports many different languages so people with different language preferences can enjoy it to the fullest. Akinator only has a Ginnie character that carries out the whole game asking questions to the players and finishes it with the guess. Akinator can be played by anyone without creating an account or linking a social media account with it. It comes with new backgrounds so players never feel bored with the game. Other customization options in the game allow players to change the game and Ginnie that takes the quiz.

Akinator is very challenging for players due to its high accuracy in guessing the characters described by players. Players of this game also get to compete with friends and families with the scoreboard that allows them to check who is doing better against the game of reading mind. While the game is free to be played without any limits and no purchases are compulsory for any player but make some in-game purchases to unlock more in the game and keep it full of new content. The game can be played on any device and also online on the PC at their website whereas it also comes in a Lite version with the same content but the smaller size and lower GPU requirements.

Download Akinator v7.8.0  for Android

  • Open the fastest browser on your phone.
  • Download Akinator.
  • Open the file manager and locate the app that you just downloaded.
  • Install it and wait for it to install successfully.
  • Run Akinator.

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