Download Akinator v8.0.9


Akinator is an interesting mobile as well as a PC game and you can play it by downloading its official application from the Play Store and the Apple Store and if you don’t want to install anything to your device then you can visit its official website on your PC/laptop and you can play Akinator there without even installing it. Akinator is basically a quiz game in which a genie asks the player to think of any character by the player’s choice and the genie asks some questions from the player about that character and tells the name of that character in less than a minute. Akinator is so accurate that it never answers wrong and will amaze you with its trick every time you will play it. Akinator is a tricky game with a lot of premium features in it and you can play Akinator game for free as it is available for free and anyone can download it from the Play Store or from the Apple Store for free.

It is available in 20 different languages so don’t worry about the language issue because almost anyone from any region can play Akinator without any problem and without even using any type of VPN or anything like that as Akinator is a legal game and it is legal in every country so don’t worry about that. Akinator is not so small in size but it won’t affect your device’s RAM because it is designed in the way that it will only save your RAM instead of affecting it in bad ways. Akinator is so reliable and safe and if you don’t want to log in or sign up to Akinator than it’s okay too because it is not necessary that you need to make an account on it for playing it but if you make an account on it then you can compare your score with your friends and there are many more other interesting feature which will get unlocked after signing up to Akinator.

Download Akinator v8.0.9 for Android

  • Download Akinator for Android.
  • Open any file manager on your device and locate the downloaded apk.
  • Install the app and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Open Akinator.

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