Download Akinator v8.2.9


Akinator is one hell of an interesting game that has been popular for some time. The game comes for both Android and iOS devices. It is completely free to download and play the game but includes in-game purchases that are optional. The concept of the game is unique and you will love it if you are more into out of the mainstream type. The game has a simple yet interesting quiz that leads you to a character that you were describing throughout the quiz. A Ginnie is your host in the game which asks the questions in the quiz that you have to answer. The questions are all related to the same character and at the end of the quiz, your character is guessed by the game. What’s interesting is the rate of success of Akinator that have been taking down so many players.

The accuracy of Akinator is very good and you will be shocked to see how the character you were thinking of was guessed. Akinator gets more fun by the fact that the character doesn’t really have to be a real-life person and you can pick it from movies or shows. Depending on the level of difficulty of your character the length of quiz changes. You can try making it hard for Akinator by thinking about lost or unused characters which makes it hard for Akinator to guess. The game comes with child mode for people who have kids playing the game as well. You get to play it on your smartphones or it can be played without installing. Akinator can be played online on the official Akinator website without installation. Do give it a try and challenge the Akinator if the mind reading really works.

Download Akinator v8.2.9 for Android

  • Download Akinator.
  • Open file manager to locate the downloaded apk file.
  • Install Akinator and wait for it to install successfully.
  • Play Akinator.

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