Download Akinator v8.6.0


Akinator is one of the trendiest and the most popular application on Play Store and on the App Store as it is a very interesting game which requires an active internet plan to work as it can read the mind of the player so it is basic to require an internet connection for that and it never lets you down by guessing the wrong answer and answers correct every time. Animator basically asks the player to think of a name in their mind and it asks the player some simple questions about the name and the name could be any name of any fictional or real-life character, for example, it can be an actor’s or any model’s name or any famous personality or you can even think of any fictional character like cartoon or ant superhero or anyone you like.

Akinator will guess the correct answer and will show the correct answer on the screen within a minute with its ability to read minds. You can customise the game at its fullest by going into settings of Akinator and there you will find a lot of options to customise the game like you can change the character of the game from a genie to any other avatar or you can change the background of the game and the background of Akinator is very cool and attractive which you can even change as Akinator has got a lot of backgrounds and the User Interface of Akinator is very much good and the game is very stable and the best part of the game is that it is an ad-free application so nothing will interrupt you while you play Akinator game.

Download Akinator v8.6.0 for Android

  • Download Akinator.
  • Open file manager to locate the downloaded apk file.
  • Install Akinator and wait for it to install successfully.
  • Play Akinator.

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