Download Akinator v8.6.6


Akinator is one of the powerful games which are available for mobiles and anyone can easily go and download it from the Play Store as it is available for free there and all its premium features are free to use. You can play Akinator without any worry as it supports all the devices and never requires any special condition so just download it and it will install automatically into your device and then use it for as much time as you want as there is no limitation on using it so you can play it easily without any restriction. Akinator is basically an ad-free application and nothing will interrupt you while playing the game as it is the policy of the game that your gaming experience will be smooth in Akinator and it will be interruption-free.

You can log in or sign up to Akinator and can compare your high scores with your friends and family as there is a scoreboard available in Akinator which lets you, show-off, your high scores to people. The game is based on a genie which always asks the player to think of a name in their mind, a name of any fictional or real life character and the genie will take some time by asking some questions about the character from the player and will tell the exact name of that character within one minute. It surprises everyone by its ability to read the minds of the player and you won’t find even a single bug or even a single lag in the game as the developers of the game take care of it very well.

Download Akinator v8.6.6 for Android

  • Open this exact webpage on your phone.
  • Download Akinator.
  • Find the downloaded file using the file manager on your phone.
  • Install the app on your android smartphone.
  • Start Akinator.

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